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Individually tailored big wall BASE courses, mentorship, and Dolomite exit guiding


Meet your mentor

Hello, friends :) My name is Mikey Malin and I am excited to fly together. I’ve been flying for the last 9 years. In 2018 I made my first B.A.S.E jump and have not stopped since. I specialize in Big Walls in the Dolomites. I've been living and working at Monte Brento for the last 5 seasons. My background includes over 14 years of coaching competitive gymnastics amongst other sports. I decided to combine my passion for B.A.S.E and athletic instruction to form BigWallB.A.S.E. and share the magic of Big Wall flights with you.


Individually tailored courses

Every person is unique, and I specialize in making my instruction tailored to your background, goals, style, and schedule. Let's work together to design your dream course. Guaranteed best prices around!

Gymnastic base classes

Specializing in aerials , air awareness and exit techniques. All classes are held in a state of the art gymnastics facility 30 minutes from Brento with trampolines and foam pits for a safe training and progression.


exit guiding

Dolomite and Trentino guiding to many exits with an opportunity for two piece one piece and wingsuit. Info from start to finish including ~ approaches, exit info, required gear, refugio info, hike beta, weather, optimal months per area, landing zones and alternate landing zones ~ Our goal is to keep you as safe as possible while enjoying the beautiful Dolomites.

Packing class

Individual or group packing classes

Slider up and Down

Full breakdown of canopy parts and use

focusing on symmetry , lines tension, grouping and cleanliness. Quick Refresher classes available upon request.



Too many exits to list :)

Let us know what your skill level is, what you're flying and we can set you up with the knowledge to stay safe and guarantee you a trip of life time .

“Ultimate knowlege cancels ultimate fear”

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tailored courses


Coming from your first bridge jump looking for your first feel of terminal speed?


From two-piece to onsies.


From wingsuit first jump course to dialing in a new suit or improving technique and efficiency.

please contact me

For prices, dates & any further details

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Phone Number

WhatsApp +19498990463